Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. Having Monday off was a nice break huh!? I wanted to get in touch with you early this week and encourage you, as you make your plans for the week, to mark this Sunday morning as a high priority. For the past month I’ve been sending you notes, talking it up in church, challenging our Board, and using every means possible to encourage everyone who calls BCC “home” to make a commitment to be part of the “100%.” “The 100%” is our goal and God’s desire. God’s desire is that every one of us who are followers of Jesus would use our gifts, time, and finances to get involved in ministry. There are 1001 ways to get involved. I’ve discussed some of those during the past weeks. Two ladies have made a commitment to help Ms. Bettye clean the kitchen following our “Family Meal” on Wednesday nights. I heard this morning that two men have made a commitment to become tutors in the Middle School Learning Center for the first time. We have someone who has committed to be part of our Outreach Committee who has never served on any committee before! Someone has come forward and wants to volunteer in the Children’s Ministry for the very first time. We have a new volunteer with our Middle School youth group. The list is growing with those who are saying, “God has blessed me and I want to be a blessing by getting involved.”

We are not at 100% yet, but we are moving that direction. I know that even more folks will come forward this week who want to get involved. This Sunday I want to spend our study time helping us to understand, from a biblical foundation, why it is so important for us to use God’s gifts to bless the lives of others. I would love it if 100% of you who call BCC home would make a commitment to join us in either the 8:30 or 10:40 am worship service. Have a great week.

In His Steps,

100% Sunday
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