Hi Everyone,

It was an amazing day at BCC on Sunday! I hope you were with us as we shared in the baptisms of Jason Taylor and Kristina Retherford. Every time I have the opportunity to share in someone’s baptism it takes me back…back to the day when I was baptized. I will never forget it. I was on college and the way in which the preacher explained baptism to me has never escaped my thoughts. He based his explanation on Romans 6 as he told me that the waters of baptism were really a “watery grave.” He said that he was going to bury me in the waters and that Jesus was going to raise a brand new Mike to life. That was the greatest news I had ever heard!

To this day, I still use the old preacher’s explanation whenever I meet with folks before their baptism. What a powerful thought! We are dying to ourselves and being raised to a new life “in Christ.” To live for His glory is our highest aim, our loftiest goal. I pray that witnessing Jason and Kristina’s baptism stirred memories of your own baptism. Have a great week.

In His Steps,

Jason and Kristina’s Baptism
What a Blessing!
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