Wow! What a trip! I left my house at 4 am on Tuesday morning and we got to our hotel at 9 am (OK time) Wednesday! It was more than 24 hours of planes, trains, and automobiles. When I got to New York I went through security and chilled for a couple of hours before they called for us to board the plane. Dr. Darnell boarded just fine, but they pulled me to the side and asked me why I hadn’t been through security? I told them I had, but they said, “You haven’t been through El Al security.” I soon learned that they were talking about the Israeli security that you have to go through in addition to the U.S. security check. News to me. They whisked me downstairs, went through all of my stuff, and asked a ton of questions before they finally let me get on the plane. David was laughing when I finally got on the plane. I felt like I was Osama’s little brother or something. You can bet I won’t forget again.

Once we landed in Tel Aviv we gathered up our stuff and boarded buses which carried us to Tiberius. We are staying on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. Wow, what a sight! Already my mind has thought of so many wonderful stories from God’s Word concerning the Sea of Galilee. I can almost see Jesus and His Disciples out on the waters! What a gorgeous sight!

We’re getting ready to eat in a few minutes and then I’m hitting the sack. I wanted to sent a post to let everybody know we made it. Oh, I also wanted to let everyone know that I got an email from Deana Basey letting me that Shannon and Jeremy welcomed a new little boy, Braddock Lynn, into their family yesterday! God is so good! Stay tuned and I’ll try to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the Holy Land.

24 Hour of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
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