Africa ConnectHi Everyone,

Susan McCalmont, a member of BCC and friend to some students from Rwanda, shared with me a couple of months ago about the situation of many African students who come to Oklahoma City for their education. Thousands of miles from home with no local family connections, no transportation for many of the students, they find themselves isolated and in need of someone with whom they can connect. Susan set up a meeting for me with Arlette Umuhire, a Senior at Oklahoma Christian majoring in electrical engineering. I met Arlette at Starbucks, just off the Oklahoma Christian campus. I heard her story…an amazing story about a brilliant young woman who has come here to gain her education so that she can go back home to Rwanda and help the people of her nation. Arlette then brought a friend from UCO, Seydou Idriss, and we began to think about the possibilities.

Our planning and praying brought about the first “Africa Connect” luncheon at Britton Christian Church today and it was amazing! I met some of the most brilliant young people, many who have come here not to fulfill their personal dreams, but to gain skills so that they can go home and help the people of their country. It touched my heart in ways I can’t even begin to explain. We will have another luncheon late in September so the students can bring their friends. I hope you will keep us in your prayers and that you will pray about joining the team of those who are willing to reach out to the students and help.

In His Steps,

Africa Connect
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