?Good Morning Guys,

After meeting with our men for Bible Study this morning I got to thinking about Father’s Day coming up this Sunday. Father’s Day is a special day when we give our dad’s all kinds of gifts that they don’t really need. How many neckties can a guy wear at once? How many more sleeves of golf balls do you really need? You may need a new power tool, but if the truth be known you will go to Home Depot and buy it yourself if you need it, right? Men, I want to invite you to invite your buddies, the men in your life, to join us this coming Sunday as we celebrate Father’s Day at BCC. I’ve got a gift for everyone who carves out a couple of hours on Sunday morning and chooses to come to church. I promise no ties, no Ipods, no chainsaws or weedeaters, and no gift certificates for a round of golf at your favorite course. I’ve got something much more valuable, something that will last much longer, and something that could radically change your life as a man.

This Sunday we are going to take a look at Psalm 1 in a lesson I like to refer to as “A Man’s Delight.”? Men get excited about many different things these days. Some guys are pumped about the Mavs taking another shot at Shaq and the Miami Heat. Other guys are chomping at the bit for the fall football season to finally arrive. Some guys salivate at the thought of tinkering around with their cars or throwing a line in the water. These things are all good and fine, if they are kept in their proper place, but God is inviting us to find our joy in something far more meaningful.

I am praying for our church to be packed with guys this?Sunday morning. I know there are some ladies and kiddos who are reading this note and I want to encourage you to pray like crazy that the men in your life–your husbands, dads, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, and buddies will join you in church this Sunday morning. I hope to see all of you then.


A Gift For Dad’s
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