Hi Everyone,

My heart is still so full from last night! I want to thank all of you incredible people from BCC who came out to celebrate Diana Morales’ Quinceanera. You helped to create a memory for Diana that she will never forget no matter how long she lives.

Last night was truly a “beauty from ashes” story that many of you may not be aware of. One year ago Diana’s father was killed and the original time for her Quinceanera had to be postponed. Instead of a Quinceanera in her home country of Mexico, Diana was transplanted to Oklahoma City because of the love of Maggie and Gretchen Moser. You see, 10 years earlier, when Maggie was just 15 years old, she went to Juarez, Mexico on a mission trip where she met the Morales family. She stayed in touch, went back to Juarez each summer for several years while she was in school, and the relationship grew and grew. The love between Maggie and the family grew and grew with neither of them knowing that the day would come when tragedy would bring them closer than they had ever been in the past.

When Maggie and her mother Gretchen heard the tragic news of the father’s death they jumped in their car, drove to Mexico, got temporary isylum for the family, and brought them back to their home in Oklahoma City. It looked like Diana’s Quinceanera might never happen. Then, I heard about one month ago that Pika, Diana’s grandmother, was coming to help Maggie and Gretchen plan the big night. I sent out an email to let all of our people know what a great opportunity we had before us to create a special night for Diana. I had no idea if you would come, but you did, by the droves!!

The night was magical, Diana couldn’t stop smiling, and each of us who took the time to bless her left the night knowing that we had been part of something special. Well into the night, a man, not from our church, came up to me and said, “I need to tell you something.” I said, “Sure, what is it?” He said, “I’ve been skeptical of the church for a long time. I became jaded many years ago. What you all have done tonight is what the church is all about. This is what the church should be doing!” There’s no doubt in my mind that my new friend is right.

It is so easy to get distracted, to look at “big churches” and focus on what all we lack, when it is God’s desire that we focus on what He had provided–a wonderful community full of people who need to know the love of Jesus. The best way for them to know His love is for us to continue to show them His love, not just tell them, but show them by the way we love them. I think a special memory was made last night for many more than just Diana and her family. You are a blessing!

A Night for a Princess!
Diana Morales’ Quinceanera
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