Thirty years ago God began to breath new life into an eighty-year old congregation in Oklahoma City, OK. Many believed that Britton Christian Church had seen its best days, but we were convinced that God was not through with us, and we were certain that He had not forgotten our community.

The leaders of Britton Christian Church felt a strong call to prayer. As we prayed, God began to move upon our hearts and give us a clear sense of our call as a church. He was calling us to be a “Lighthouse of Hope” in our community. Today, the people of Britton Christian Church believe that the best is yet to come. We have seen God’s gracious hand at work in our midst and today the light of God’s love is shining bright at Britton Christian Church in Oklahoma City!

During the past several years we’ve seen God begin to move in new and exciting ways which have laid a foundation for us to reach people from all walks of life, all races, and all socio-economic levels for the Kingdom of God. Through getting involved in the lives of those in our community who are suffering from all kinds of problems, predicaments, and pain the Good News of Jesus is making a difference both in their lives and ours. God has opened up new and exciting opportunities for us to begin to be a church of servants who can then use the lessons we learn from God’s Word to serve those in our community. Because of these exciting new opportunities to serve God is reaching many folks in our community who would never have thought of attending a church.

We want to thank you for visiting us on the Web. While you are here take the time to read one of the Bible studies, look through the wonderful pictures of what’s happening at BCC, and if you live in Oklahoma City–come and share in the excitement of what God is doing.

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