Hey Guys,

I am the Minister of Community Outreach here at Britton Christian Church (BCC) and I am very excited to start sharing God’s love to all our brothers and sisters in our community.  God has given us the goal to bring up the church more diverse, reaching out to all ages and ethnicities and loving one another as God has loved us.

Currently we have ESL (English as a Second Language) classes starting up for our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters who are wanting to learn or further their study in English.  These classes are both offered through the evening and morning. We are also reaching out through new aspects of worship in BCC by having the band and choir teach us common choruses in Spanish.

Overall we are geared to reach out to all and welcoming all to our church through different ministries and I would love to meet you and share Christ with you as I was shared to once. For more information about our ministries, you can use the contact information to the right of this message!

Your brother in Christ,

Irvin D. Rodriguez