Hi Everyone,

I got a call from a friend about one month ago asking if we could help with some kids traveling cross-country from Los Angeles, CA. We can always help so I said, “Send ’em our way.” I had no idea the blessing we would receive when the kids and their sponsors arrived! After visiting the OKC National Memorial the kids and their sponsors arrived on Tuesday evening about 6:30 pm. The youth from Emmanuel Baptist Church joined us as we spent the evening together before they loaded back up at 4 am and headed to Dallas.

Twenty years ago Tonya Williams started driving a school bus in Los Angeles. She fell in love with the kids on her bus and she got involved in trying to help them, motivate them, and challenge them. Back in the old days Tonya would promise a kid, “If you raise your grades I’ll take you to see whatever you want to see.” They live 25 miles from the beach, but that was the most requested visit. For the kids who raised their grades Tonya delivered on her promise and drove the kids to the beach for the day.

Then Tonya met Sonya, another school bus driver who loves Jesus and kids. The two women became friends and sisters for the cause of Christ and the blessing of His kids. For years they have worked with kids who rode their bus and friends of those kids who heard about the lady the kids called their “god momma.” Oh the stories these two ladies can tell!

Years later I get to meet them at BCC. They are traveling with 20 kids from Los Angeles who have raised their grades and spent a year honing their leadership skills at school, home, and in their community. Now they are on a 30 day, 28 city tour of the U.S.A. They will visit 20 colleges from historical Black Colleges to
Ivy League schools. Thirty of the kids who started out on their school bus are in college at the present time! I could go on and on sharing stories with you about what God is doing through the “Godparents Youth Organization” and Tonya and Sonya, but just know that God is working in a powerful way.

I want to thank Pastor Chester West, his wonderful wife, Virginia, Youth Pastor Kevin Shaw, and the kids from Emmanuel Baptist Church for joining us. All of our kids are at KAA in Branson, MO. and the kids from LA wanted to spend some time with kids from our community. The folks at Emmanuel said, “You bet! We’ll be there.” You guys are champs! I also want to thank Ms. Bettye for making the most wonderful meal in the world to feed a hungry crew. You are the best! I am so thankful for the unexpected blessings God sends our way if we will just say, “Yes!”

In His Steps,

An Unbelievable Night!