IMG_7863Hi Everyone,

The month of December is full of opportunities to be a blessing at Britton Christian Church. Tonight we hosted our Angel Tree families in the gym–I wish you could have heard the stories I heard while sitting and talking with some of the families. One young mom stood out. Shortly after she got pregnant her husband was arrested and went to prison. She brought her nine month old son to our Angel Tree party tonight. She and her husband have struggled with addiction issues for several years, that’s why he was arrested and is now locked up. She spends 24 hrs a day with her little boy. I asked if she had any friends. She said, “I can’t be around any of the friends that I had because I can’t go back to using again.” She is so committed to maintaining her sobriety that she takes her little boy to AA meetings each week. I had the opportunity to tell her about our Celebrate Recovery Ministry and invited her bring her son.

I asked her if she ever got a break from being a mom and she said, “No.” I found a couple of our young moms who are involved in the Mom’s Bible Study to come over and meet my new friend. They told her about the mom’s group and invited her to join them. She lives just down the street from the church but had no idea that we had opportunities for her to spend time with other young moms who are trying to bless their kids and grow in their walk with the Lord. Before I left her table I asked if it would be possible for me to contact her to let her know about other opportunities for her and her son? She gave me her number and said she would like to hear more. What an incredible blessing it is to be a blessing, to reach out to those like my new friend, and invite them to come and see what God can do. Thanks BCC for opening your hearts to those who joined us tonight! Click “more” to see the pictures from our Angel Tree party. 


Angel Tree Blessings!
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