“If we would become the community our Lord desires us to be, we must gain a clear understanding of what the church is” (Grenz, S.J., Created for Community, p206).

“The church is a special people, a people whom the Spirit is forming together into a community. And the purpose of this people is to live…in fellowship with God, each other, and creation, thereby pointing in the direction that the Lord is taking all history”  (Grenz, S.J., Created for Community, p207).

The mission is clear, “Go tell the world who God is” (Matt 28:19). This is clearly seen in the presence of His people. He has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light that the world might see His glowing and eternal glory in the unity of His people (Ps. 133).

We are the church – the called out ones. We are not a building. We are a community of faithful Believers in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit living our lives as an expression of His greatness!

This is what I love about small group ministry. Our K-Groups are being the Church without walls. There is great joy in knowing that during the week fellowship is taking place and people are growing in their relationship with God and one another.

If you are not part of a K-Group, NOW IS THE TIME to plug in! We have just started a 30 day challenge that will help us grow in 5 areas: Worship, Spiritual Growth, Real Community, Stewardship, and Evangelism. GET IN THE GAME and let God do something incredibly awesome in your life and the lives of the people you are connected to this year!

JOIN A K-GROUP! For more information contact: Tre’ Clark (405) 521-7814 OR

Authentic Community
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