Good Morning,

I can’t wait until Sunday evening when we all come together for our 2nd annual “Baa Baa Bethel Christmas Concert.” What is so exciting to me is that we are going to celebrate Christmas while at the same time raising awareness about two very important ministries: The Bethel Foundation and World Vision.

The Bethel Foundation works in our community with single mothers. Through Bethel, single mothers and their kids can get back on their feet, gain new skills to help them find employment, and so much more.

World Vision works in countries all across the world, but our work with them focuses on their goal of providing animals for impoverished families so that they can have a source of income and ongoing food for their own families. For $75 you can provide a goat. For $30 you can provide five ducks, and for $25 you can provide two chickens for a family in need.

I hope you will come to Britton Christian Church on Sunday, December 5, at 6 pm for an evening of celebration and blessing. Invite your friends.

“Baa Baa Bethel Christmas Concert”
Sunday, December 5, at 6 pm
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