Dear Friends,

It’s not every day that we have Presidential candidates stop by BCC, but Friday night that is exactly what happened as Barak and Sarah made a non-partisan appearance to urge the people of BCC to get out and vote on Tuesday.

A couple of weeks ago I shared what was on my heart with one of the classes I teach. I told them that I have friends who are committed followers of Jesus and staunch Barak Obama supporters. I have other friends who are committed followers of Jesus and staunch John McCain supporters. On Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning someone is going to lose, some of my friends are going to be disappointed, but it is imperative that all of my brothers and sisters in Christ rally around whoever wins and support them in prayer. They are sure going to need our prayers as these are difficult days that we are experiencing as a nation. Our nation is deeply divided right now and it is a great opportunity for the Body of Christ to show unity to our nation as we stand with our new President.

Romans 13:1 tells us, “…there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” God has His purpose for this important, historic, election. Part of His purpose is that you and I exercise the wonderful privilege we have been given by getting in line and casting our vote. Once the vote is over then it is time to embrace our new President with our support and prayer.

This has been a very long two years as both candidates have campaigned like crazy. I don’t know how they have kept up the schedule that they have. I have every expectation that by the time the new President is sworn into office that the potential Presidential candidates for 2012 will already be hitting the road and trying to get the upper hand on their opponents.

I know there are many folks who are tied in knots worrying about the outcome, but I’m sleeping like a baby because I know who sits in a position of far greater power than the White House. Jesus is King of all kings. He’s the President of all presidents! Take heart! He will lead us like He has led us all along!

In His Steps,

Barak and Sarah @ BCC
Go Vote!
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