Hi Everyone,
Last week some of our elementary school kids had the awesome opportunity to go to the Oklahoma State Firefighter’s Museum here in Oklahoma City. The kids had a blast! I want to thank our Children’s Minister, Dana Stevenson, and our Children’s Nursery Coordinator, Kelly Sullins, for coming up with some of the coolest experiences for our kids.

Taking a look at the pictures that were sent to me from this past weekend sparked a thought. I’m convinced that we have the most awesome Children’s Ministry in all of OKC. Dana and Kelly, and all of their many volunteers, pour their lives into so many kids each week. They take the time to come up with awesome Bible studies to teach our children about God’s glorious love and His plan for their lives. They take our children to summer camp at Shiloh Summer Camp where they make memories that will last a lifetime. They’ve planned a week’s worth of off-the-charts fun at Vacation Bible School (did you know this summer’s theme is “God’s Big Back Yard!”) I sho nuf like that! They host “Family Fun Day” for our kids and their parents throughout the year. I am so appreciative of Dana and Kelly and their many volunteers who love on our kids in such a powerful way. You are a blessing!!

I hope that if you have an elementary aged child who is not involved in our Children’s Ministry that you will give Dana Stevenson a call at Britton Christian Church and find out how you can get involved in our summer activities. If you have kids who are involved then I hope you will take the time to make a phone call, give a hug, send a note, or find some way to let Dana and Kelly know how they are blessing you and your children.

Also, if you are looking for a great place to make a difference in someone’s life then volunteering in our Children’s Ministry might be a great fit for you. We have many opportunities to get involved on a weekly basis or in a one-time event like Vacation Bible School.

In His Steps,

BCC Kids “Family Fun Day”
Firefighters Museum