Job Description & Expectations

BCC Minister of Worship

The Minister of Worship is to be a Spiritual Leader for the Worship Team and is to set an example of a healthy and vital relationship with Christ. The Minister of Worship is to be in charge of Sunday morning and special event Services and to oversee and to supervise the Worship Team. The Worship Team is comprised of the Band, Worship Leaders, Vocalists and Tech Staff at BCC.

It is essential that the Minister of Worship has a living and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and that he or she sees his or her musical talent as a gift from God used to glorify Him & to bless His people.  The BCC Worship Minister should be aware of the high calling of leadership in ministry & should do his or her best to represent Christ at all times, in the Church and outside of the Church; it is extremely crucial that this person is especially sensitive to the way that he or she portrays himself or herself on social media as he or she is seen by the congregation to be a spiritual leader at BCC. It is also important that the Worship Minister sees this position as Ministry, not merely as a “job” and that this person is an active part of the BCC Body, other than just Sunday mornings and in areas other than just the Music Ministry.

The Britton Christian Church Minister of Worship is accountable to the BCC Pastoral Staff and the Church Board in consultation with the Personnel Committee for providing Worship leadership in the life of our church.  Initially, any concerns, questions or problems should be voiced to the Pastors.   If further discussion or additional action is necessary, the BCC Personnel Committee will be consulted in the matter.

Duties and Responsibilities for Sunday Worship:

  1. To attend both Worship Services every Sunday morning.  (8:30 a.m. and 10:40 a.m.)
  2. To lead Thursday night & Sunday morning rehearsals. He or she should arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to rehearsal for Sanctuary set–up (for Stage, Sound & Instrument) and should be prepared to greet the other band members and vocalists upon their arrival to get the rehearsals started on time. This person is to create an uplifting, energetic and positive atmosphere at rehearsals of the music that they will present in the services.  Rehearsal start times are: 7:30 a.m. for Sunday Worship and 5:30 p.m on Thursday for rehearsal.
  3. To personally lead or to assist the person leading Praise & Worship for the scheduled Sunday services.
  4. To work in harmony and in conjunction with the Band Leader, Musicians, Worship Leaders, Vocalists, Audio/Visual Staff and Choir Director to provide an atmosphere of Worship for our Sunday Services.

Technical Requirements:

  1. To be able to read music and sing parts and harmonies with the Worship Team. To have a basic working knowledge of music – major and relative minor keys, chord charts, how to read a score with treble and bass clefs, time signatures, modulations and etc.
  2. To have the ability to put a Worship Set together and set the songs in keys that are singable to the Congregation. To have a good balance of familiar and new music in weekly sets so that the Congregation is able to Worship and participate.
  3. To be able to lead Band Rehearsals and to understand the basic functions of each instrument in the Band.
  4. To be able to work with each member of the Worship Team to see if they are living-up to their potential as well as to offer any necessary assistance.
  5. To be open to all different kinds of music: Contemporary, Traditional, Gospel, Black Gospel, and Praise & Worship.  To include music for Praise and Worship with sensitivity to the diversity of the Congregation and the repertoire of music that the Congregation is familiar.
  6. To always be on the lookout for new music for the Worship Team to add to the repertoire and to give the Band adequate time to learn it and work on it.
  7. To be able to navigate the Music Programs that are installed on our Musicians’ IPads. To keep updated with the CCLI and Song Select Systems.

Weekly/Bi-Monthly/Monthly/Yearly Requirements:

  1. To provide emails each Monday with information for the coming Sunday’s Worship Set to the Worship Team and the Office Staff.
  2. To prepare weekly documents for the Worship Team, complete with the songs and keys for Sunday services that either the Worship Minister or the person leading Worship has selected. To send out these documents no later than Monday morning to the Worship Team.
  3. To attend weekly Staff Meetings on Monday mornings at the Church at 11:30. To make note of any changes that the Pastors make to Sunday’s Service and relay that information to the Worship Team.
  4. To act as Supervisor and approve time sheets bi-monthly for individual musicians and send to Asure HR by the deadlines provided.
  5. To be in charge of organizing quarterly Musician Meetings with the Worship Team not only to address any issues, but to foster unity and team work.
  6. To attend Monthly Board Meetings and make a report.
  7. To meet quarterly with the Personnel Committee for the opportunity to present any concerns as well as for review of personal job performance.

Miscellaneous Requirements

  1. To serve as the Overseer of the Band Members and to be available to assist them if they need help or have questions.  To encourage accountability in each one of the Musicians.  (Their personal Job Expectations will be made available to the Minister of Worship)
  2. To oversee the Worship Committee – Their responsibilities include Decorating the Sanctuary for Holidays (Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day etc) and acquiring suitable gifts to pass out for Mother’s and Father’s Day…
  3. To provide and organize music for Special Services – Black History Month, Maundy Thursday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Vacation Bible School, other Children’s Programs and VBS, Friend Day, Thanksgiving, & Christmas.
  4. To carry out any other duties & responsibilities reasonably given by the Pastoral Staff.
BCC Minister of Worship Opportunity
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