IMG_0986The rain can’t stop us! It was another amazing day at The BCC Tennis Academy Summer Camp. We only have one more day to go, but I know the seeds sown into the hearts of our kids will produce a great harvest in years to come. You know the most wonderful thing about camp? We’ll be back on the court in just a couple of week with our kids. What a blessing to have a year round ministry using tennis to touch the hearts of our kids! I’ve got some awesome pictures to share with you today. You’ll want to see every single shot. Remember, click on one and the carousel will automatically show them all. 

IMG_0998 IMG_0986 IMG_0981 IMG_0972 IMG_0970 IMG_0965 IMG_0962 IMG_0960 IMG_0956 IMG_0949 IMG_0940 IMG_0937 IMG_0932 IMG_0903 IMG_0901 IMG_0880 IMG_0862 IMG_0857 IMG_0814 IMG_0810 IMG_0807 IMG_0802 IMG_0798 IMG_0785 IMG_0771 IMG_0763 IMG_0757 IMG_0743 IMG_0735 IMG_0730 IMG_0716 IMG_0715 IMG_0711 IMG_0709 IMG_0700 IMG_0690 IMG_0689-001 IMG_0686 IMG_0682 IMG_0680 IMG_0676 IMG_0670 IMG_0661 IMG_0653 IMG_0646 IMG_0643 IMG_0632 IMG_0626 IMG_0624 IMG_0618 IMG_0613 IMG_0607 IMG_0606 IMG_0604 IMG_0587 IMG_0582 IMG_0570

BCC Tennis Academy Summer Camp 2015
El Tercer Dia!
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