Hi Everyone,

Wow! Our Bedlam Blood Battle this morning was a huge success! I want to thank Janice Marlow and her tireless efforts to organize our Blood Drives each year. Janice, you are amazing and we appreciate you!

We normally have between 15 and 20 people sign-up to donate blood when we have a blood drive, but today we had 30 people give blood for the Bedlam Blood Battle. You aren’t going to believe this. You are going to think that we are giving some kind of “PC” answer to the question, “Who won?” When all of the needles were put away and the final count was tallied–we had a tie! Everyone won today!

That’s not the way it will turn out in a few weeks when the Sooners visit Stillwater to play the Cowboys. Somebody has got to win that battle, but today everyone won. Most importantly, those who are in need of blood are winners! Thanks to all of you who gave today.

Next Sunday is “Friend Day.” We are going to have a super day of worship and fellowship for everyone. I’m praying that you will make contact with your friend and invite them to join you this coming Sunday. Remember that we will have breakfast at 9:30 am instead of our normal Sunday school classes. Be sure to invite your friend to join us for breakfast. This will give our staff an opportunity to meet your friends and thank them for coming to “Friend day.” I’m praying that lives will be changed on “Friend Day.”

In His Steps,

Bedlam @ BCC
Everyone Wins!
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