Hi Everyone,

Sunday was such a special day for us at BCC! Each year at this time we always make a point to honor our graduates, and the wonderful teachers we have at BCC. This year we had some of the most outstanding graduates that you will find any where. The high school graduates pictured are: Amber Warner, graduating from Harding Charter Prep, Caitlin Bentley, Caitlin Ronck, and Adrienne Totoro, all graduating from Heritage Hall High School, Rolando Gardner, graduating from John Marshall High School, and Jordan Mitchell, graduating from Edmond Santa Fe High School. Our college graduate who is pictured is Cassie Sheffield, graduating from The University of Central Oklahoma. Lynda K. Powell is graduating from the Licensed Minister’s Program at Phillips Theological Seminary, and we have three young ladies who have just graduated from our G.E.D. program.

At Britton Christian Church we greatly value all of the wonderful teachers God has blessed us with through the years. On Graduation Sunday we also take time to honor all of our teachers. We want each of you to know that you are the bedrock of everything we do as a church. As you take time each week to prepare your lessons and then share them with us in your Bible studies, we want you to know that God is using you in a powerful way to teach us His Word. Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you put into teaching each of us. The teachers who are pictured are Karen Douglas, Lisa Curtis, Elaine Appleby, Tammy Agnello, Deana Basey, Jan Birsner, James and Saarah Joyce, Bob Edwards, Susan Taylor, Ashley Henderson, Heather Meldrum, Stacey Mitchell, Barb Munneke, and Kathy Jo Wicks. Thanks for all you do!

In His Steps,

Congratulations Graduates and Teachers!
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