Hi Everyone,

We have a great opportunity coming our way on Sunday, March 16. One of the most humble and inspiring Bible teachers in America will be teaching God’s Word at Britton Christian Church in our 8:30 am service. This opportunity is being made available to us by our wonderful friends at The Whitefield Society here in Oklahoma City. The Whitefield Society sponsors The James Montgomery Boice Teaching Series each year in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Waltke will be speaking in two churches on Sunday morning: BCC at 8:30 am and then Dr. Waltke will be teaching at Faith Bible Church in Edmond in their 11:00 am service. On Sunday night Dr. Waltke will preach at Heritage Baptist Church in Oklahoma City in a city-wide service beginning at 6:30 pm.

I want to encourage you to begin contacting your friends now. Let them know about this great opportunity to hear the Word of God taught with passion, humility, and depth like they cannot imagine. If you have any questions then please call our church office at 848-2046.

In His Steps,

Dr. Bruce Waltke
Sunday, March 16, 8:30 am