Qué sucede cuando el Espíritu Santo se mueve poderosamente dentro de una iglesia? A través de este estudio de seis sesiones usted aprenderá cómo:

– Para dar lugar a la acción del espíritu en tu vida y en tu iglesia
– Dios quiere trabajar a través de sus dones y talentos para hacer lo que sólo él puede hacer
To listen for the voice of the Spirit in prayer and how to apply God’s Word to your life
The Spirit can bring healing to your body, your emotions, and your relationships; how a life lived in the presence of the Spirit can transform the church and the world
Your church can become a place where people regularly experience God’s presence and his power.

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Praying with Paul


In this study, group members will be exposed to the priorities of prayer, a God-centered framework for prayer, and practices for a more meaningful and dynamic prayer life. Christians today can still achieve the confidence Paul enjoyed by following his life-shaping principles and searching for a deeper devotional experience.

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