“Friend Day” is coming to BCC on Sunday, November 7! Studies show that the majority of the followers of Jesus never invite anyone to church. Yet, Jesus commanded us to go and tell others the Good News of His love, mercy, and grace. “Friend Day” gives us the opportunity to invite our friend who doesn’t have a church home to join us for one day, who knows what God might do on that day?

Connie met Jenny at a tennis tournament. A simple conversation led Jenny and her son to Britton Christian Church where a few months later Jenny’s son, Noah, accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Today, Jenny and Noah are part of the family of faith at Britton Christian Church. How did it happen? Where did it all begin? With a simple conversation between two ladies who didn’t know each other at the time. God is always at work. We want to encourage you to invite your friend to join us on Sunday, November 7 for “Friend Day.”


Friend Day
A Simple Conversation Can Change Someone’s Life
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