2015-02-10 15.51.44God is at work at The King’s Klinic! I stopped by The King’s Klinic this afternoon just in time for the medical staff and patients to circle up for prayer before the patients were seen.

As we circled up, Sue Woolum, who has been volunteering at The King’s Klinic since the first night it opened its doors almost 20 years ago, welcomed everyone and shared with them why the volunteers do what they do.

After Sue finished and we were getting ready to pray, one lady spoke up and said, “I want to praise God because two years ago I had triple bypass surgery and I’m still here.” Someone said, “God is good!” A few others, in stereo, said, “Amen!” Another woman spoke up, “I want to praise God because one year ago I had three stokes and six months later I threw away my cane.” Folks were praising God all over the room! Then a man spoke up. He is an Associate Pastor at his church and had serious medical problems a couple of years earlier. He said his church gives “A Virtous Woman Award” to four women at his church each year. Then he began to tell us his story. As he told his story we learned that when he came to The King’s Klinic he didn’t have any health insurance and didn’t know what to do. He said, as he stood next to Sue Woolum, “This lady right here, Sue, went in the back and made a phone call and a doctor took me in and treated me even though I didn’t have any insurance. This is a virtous woman!”  A choir of voices all over the room praised God, clapped their hands, and what was just a few minutes earlier a room full of folks who were waiting on help, realized that help had already come! God was already at work before a single patient had been seen.

After Herman Stevenson prayed for the medical staff and patients I went into the back to introduce myself to some of the young medical students who give their time to care for our people. Alice Johnson asked me if I had met Neda? I said I hadn’t. Alice introduced me to her and I learned that Neda is from Iran where she was a doctor. She came to the US just one year ago because her young daughter was sick and in need of care that we have in the United States. When she arrived in Oklahoma City she found the help her daughter needed and someone said something to her about The King’s Klinic. Today, Neda is working on her certification to practice medicine in the US and serving those in need at The King’s Klinic.

I wish you could have seen me walk out of The King’s Klinic today! I was floating a foot off the ground! There is nothing like watching God work. There are bigger clinics in town, clinics with far more resources to work with, but I can assure you that there is not any clinic in town, or anywhere else for that matter, with a staff that treats their patients like they are Jesus Himself. I’m so grateful for our medical staff, our volunteers who do all kinds of work, and for the patients the Lord sends our way. My friends in the prayer circle are right…”God is soooo good!”

God is at Work at The King’s Klinic!
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