It has been a wonderful summer at BCC! We’ve watched God move in such wonderful ways in the life of our church. We’ve experienced the joys of our kids going to camp: Camp Shiloh, Kids Across America, and Kamp Barnabas. We’ve watched God move upon so many hearts to be able to provide a beautiful new playground for our kids. We’ve shared in the experience of young and old alike who have committed their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior of their life for the very first time. Just last Sunday we witnessed 8 new believers being baptized during morning worship!

I have to tell you that I often wonder in prayer why God has been so gracious to our little church. There is nothing fancy about BCC. There are many, many wonderful churches around OKC who have far better facilities and many more programs, but God keeps gracing us with His presence.? We are not located at a main intersection or in a popular part of OKC, but God keeps moving among us to touch lives and transform hearts. What a joy it is to watch Him work!

Now that the kids are back in school we are on the verge of a new Fall semester. Just last night we had our very first choir practice and it was so good to be back with everyone…even if I didn’t get a solo. ha!? After choir I went upstairs to the Children’s area and watched in amazement as tons of people, young and old, were painting like DaVinci giving all of the classrooms an extreme makeover for the kids who will fill them on Sunday. What a joy it is to be part of a church that studies together, prays together, and works together.

I hope you have signed-up for one of the new Fall Bible studies. If you haven’t then you can still sign-up this Sunday. If you have then get ready for 12 weeks of unbelievable fellowship and a deeper understanding of God’s glorious Word. It’s going to be more than fun, it’s going to be transforming. I hope you have a great day. See you Sunday.

In His Steps,


God Is Moving At BCC!
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