Hi Everyone,

This past weekend we hosted “The Road to Healing a Broken Heart” Grief Conference at BCC. I had no idea how things would go since we’ve never done anything like a “grief” conference before. If I would have sat down before the confernce and written out what I hoped might happen, I could have never come close to describing what actually took place. We laughed. We cried. We laughed. We heard stories that resembled our own. We listened to Dr. Harold Ivan Smith share with us from his years of experience. We were blessed. I have no problem in saying that each of us came away from the conference thanking God for the pain we have experienced in our losses. Dr. Smith said, “Grief is the consequence of daring to love.” What a thought!

I want to thank two very special people who “birthed” the idea for the grief conference. Mike and Lisa Curtis have traveled the grief journey in their own life. They lost a newborn son many years ago and from that tragic loss God has brought healing, hope, and a heart for broken people. Lisa has led our grief ministry at Britton Christian Church for ten years. Mike has been the “Aaron and Hur” of Lisa’s ministry, providing support for her every step of the way. Mike is Lisa’s support, but he also fired up the smoker and prepared the most scrumptious BBQ meal you could ever imagine for the conference.

Along with Mike and Lisa there were many, many people who came together to help make our first “Grief Conference” happen. You know who you are. We are grateful for the time and love you put into the making our first conference one that we will never forget.

Last of all, I want to thank Dr. Smith. Wow! Many of us had never heard of you before you arrived in Oklahoma City on Friday. After having spent a few hours with you–we will never forget you. Thanks for allowing the Lord to use you to bless each of us.

Good Grief!
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