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During the past couple of weeks I’ve been listening to the big debate about President Obama speaking to our kids during school. I’ve heard parents talk about taking their kids out of school. I’ve heard people talk about all kinds of supposed things that were going to happen during his speech. I have to admit, it made me curious about what the President was going to say. I wondered what some people “knew” that I was missing. I didn’t get to hear the President’s speech today, but I’ve just read it and you should read it too. Here is a link to direct you to the text of his speech. President’s Speech to our Kids

I work in a neighborhood where at least 50% of the kids will not graduate from high school. We, at Britton Christian Church, are doing what we can to encourage our kids to stay in school, graduate from high school, and go on to college. You and I may differ with the President on some points, or on many points, but you must read his speech to our kids that took place today. It was on the money! I applaud President Obama taking time from his schedule to share his own story of growing up like many of the kids I know in North Highlands and how he refused to let his many “disadvantages” keep him down. I’m thrilled that he shared the stories of many other kids that are in similar situations as our kids in North Highlands, and how those kids have pressed on to greater things.

I know there will be some who will not read the President’s speech because they disagree with him on his policies. I have to admit, there are certain policies of his Administration that I strongly disagree with as well. Don’t let your disagreement blind you to something really significant that took place today. I pray that the kids in communities all across America were inspired to try harder, study more, overcome their obstacles, and never give up…never ever give up!

In His Steps,

Good Job Mr. President!
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