IrvinI never cease to be amazed at how the Lord works at BCC! Several months ago I received a phone call from Scott Spies, Worship Arts Professor at Dallas Christian College, asking if we could meet to talk about how BCC transitioned from an all white, traditional congregation to an ethnically diverse body of believers. We met in Oklahoma City early one morning and while I was telling our story I said, “It’s amazing what the Lord has done, but there are always new opportunities that present themselves. Our once predominantly black neighborhood has seen a great influx of Spanish speaking folks move into the neighborhood. We’ve been praying for the Lord to send us a Spanish speaking pastor so we can be more effective in reaching our community.” Scott said, “I’ve got just the guy for you.” I asked him what he meant and he told me about a young guy named Irvin Rodriguez. Scott could not have been more enthusiastic about the gifts, work ethic, and humility of Irvin.

I called and made contact with Irvin. He visited BCC on Labor Day and had lunch with our staff, he met with our Personnel Committee some time later, and last month our Board extended an invitation to Irvin to join our Staff. I am so excited that Irvin Rodriguez will join our Staff as the Minister of Community Outreach on January 12. You are absolutely going to love this guy! He is currently finishing up his degree at Dallas Christian College. Irvin is also working with adults and young people at Iglesia del Maestro in Dallas, Texas. Irvin leads the worship team at Dallas Christian College and I was able to see Irvin and his worship team in action, in October, when I spoke at Dallas Christian College during their Mission Month.

Irvin is joining our team, not to start a separate Spanish speaking congregation, but to help us reach out the Spanish speaking community. Our goal is to build one church, one diverse body of believers united in worshiping and serving the Lord together.  Irvin is incredibly gifted in the area of music (I think he plays something like 6 different instruments!) He will join Connie in helping lead worship on Sunday mornings. In addition to helping lead worship Irvin will lead Bible studies, minister to the daily needs of the people of our community, and actively reach out the Spanish speaking families in our community.  We are aware that there are people in our community who speak no English and Irvin will work to minister to these folks in a myriad of ways as well. I’ve already learned much from Irvin about the Hispanic culture, but we as a church have so much more to learn.  I can’t wait for Irvin to arrive at Britton Christian Church so you can welcome him and watch the Lord begin to use him to bless our community.

You probably noticed someone with Irvin in the picture I’ve included. She’s not just any “someone,” but someone really special! That would be Irvin’s fiance, Amarys Chavez. Amarys is also a student at Dallas Christian College. She is equally gifted and works with Irvin at Iglesia del Maestro in Dallas by leading drama teams and helping lead worship. You will fall in love with Amarys as soon as you meet her. Her sweet spirit and deep love for our Lord shine through her life with such brilliance.

It is really exciting to think that after 24 years of ministry in one place there’s so much more to do, so many new doors of opportunity that the Lord continues to open, and many more people to reach with the Gospel of our great Savior! I hope you will join me in praying for the Lord to prepare the way for Irvin so that as soon as he joins us in January that we will begin to see fruit from his ministry.

Great Things are Happening at BCC!
Irvin Rodriguez Joins Our Staff in January
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