Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to ask you to keep our Associate Pastor, Herman Stevenson, and our Youth Pastor, Ray Arechiga, in your prayers as they land in Israel for 18 days of walking, studying, and praying where Jesus ministered so long ago. I was so blessed to be able to make this trip last year and it literally changed my life. I have been so excited about Ray and Herman being able to make this trip since I found out that they would be going.

I also want to encourage you to check our website often as Ray and Herman post entries about what they are doing while in Israel. It was such a blessing for me to be able to send back pictures and entries each day last year to keep you up on what I was doing. You might want to go back and check out my entries from last year. Last of all, keep Ray and Herman’s families in your prayers as Dana and Sylvia are left to carry out all of the responsibilities of family while their husbands are gone.

Herman and Ray in Israel
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