Hi Everyone,

There’s a buzz all across the land this morning! It doesn’t have anything to do with Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt or the “Redeem Team.” There’s talk all right, but it’s not about Barack Obama’s new running partner or the latest John McCain ad. There’s a rumor on the street and I bet you’ve already heard all about it. The buzz that is stirring is about the beginning of the BCC Lighthouse Choir rehearsals that will begin this Wednesday at 7:15 pm.

I’m hearing that people from all over are planning on coming to choir practice on Wednesday night! There are folks who will be there who have been part of our choir for a long time, but the talk on the street is that there are some folks who are wanting to turn over a new leaf and make choir a part of their week for the very first time.

I’m not making any promises but I’ve heard that even though Amy may have said, “No, no, no” to going to rehab, she is saying, “Yes, yes, yes!” to coming to choir! I’ve even heard the rumor that Jay Z may be turning over a new leaf and singing a new song come Wednesday night! I guess you’ll never no unless you join us.

I few weeks ago I asked you to pray about something you could do throughout the Fall to be a blessing. Remember? How’s your prayer time been going? Maybe some of you have thought about joining the choir. Well, now is the time and Wednesday night at BCC will be jumpin’ with the melodies of heaven. I hope you will join us.

In His Steps,

“I heard a rumor!”
Choir Begins Wednesday @ 7:15 pm
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