Hi Everyone,

I tried to prepare you. I urged you to get in your seat early and hold on. I didn’t lead you astray did I? What an incredible morning we had at BCC!? I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate our 16th anniversary together than to get to baptize three folks, welcome John Erick Munneke into the fellowship of BCC, and congratulate 25 of our graduates!? I am so grateful for how we continue to see God’s hand at work. Baptized this morning were Quanesha Cheadle, Trashananas, and Simone Graves. I’ve included a picture of these three wonderful ladies for you so that you can pray for them. I’ve also included a picture of our graduates so that you can pat them on the back and congratulate them the next time you see them. I also want to thank all of you for being with us and making it such a special day.

In His Steps,


Quanesha Cheadle

Trashananas and Simone Graves

I Told You It Was Going To Be A Big Day!
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