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These fellas know the importance of being stretched, both literally and figuratively. Stretching the arms and legs is essential for these young people because the coaches at the BCC Tennis Academy expect everyone to go all out at the OKC Tennis Center. Even though tennis is new to many of the thirty-plus BCC students, they are all nonetheless challenged to work hard at the game of tennis. And it’s all worth because the game is a blast and it teaches them how to tangibly work out their faith. Last Sunday, besides learning how to hit a forehand and backhand, our students learned how to “stretch” themselves for God’s glory on and off the court. For instance, they learned the importance of loving their enemies and blessing those who curse them (Luke 6:27-31). Following God in this manner is tough, on and off the court, but our kids are definitely up to the challenge.


These gals received the GOLD BALL AWARD for displaying Christ-like characteristics on the court. Great job ladies!