Nick Vujicic is a remarkable man of God. Born with no arms or legs, Nick struggled to find an answer to the question, “Why?” He was desperate, filled with sorrow, and even tried to end his life when he found the answer that changed his life…“Will you trust Me?” Nick’s perspective on his life was dramatically altered and today he is traveling the world sharing the hope that he found in Jesus Christ. Nick says, “I discovered that arms and legs would not give me the peace and happiness I was looking for in life. Many people who have arms and legs are not happy. I found peace in Jesus Christ.”

For those of you who are struggling, trying to find an answer to the struggles you are going through in life, you need to know that it is not over. God’s answer is before you just as it was before Nick, “Will you trust me?” I pray you will. I also hope you will watch Nick’s amazing testimony and that the Lord will use it to speak to your heart.

Through the Pain…He is Your Strength!
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