Hi Everyone,

For some time now we have been constantly reminded of the mounting problems that are ailing our nation. The economy, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, abortion, crime, drugs and addiction, the unbelievable number of high school drop outs in our cities, the threat of terrorism, and the list goes on and on and on. Now we have to deal with “swine flu.” As you listen to newscasts and read the newspapers you can hear the proposed solutions to all of these problems. There is one solution that is consistently absent from the list of proposed solutions being offered by our leaders. Prayer.

As you read God’s Word you run into numerous problems that were faced by God’s people throughout the 1500 years of history recorded from Genesis through Revelation. Each and every time crisis arose, God called His people to pray. To run to Him. To cry out to Him. To confess their need for Him and Him alone.

I am so looking forward to the National Day of Prayer this coming Thursday. I am praying that this Thursday will be a spark that ignites a holy passion within the people of God to come before His presence on their knees, broken over our personal sin, and the sin of our nation.

I will have the privilege of beginning our 24 hours of prayer at midnight early Thursday morning, but many of you have signed-up to pray during the 24 hours. I want to encourage you to fulfill your commitment. If you have forgotten when you signed-up then please call the church office and we will be glad to let you know when your time to pray will be.

We will have a “prayer list” in the prayer room for suggested prayer needs, but I want to encourage you to “be still” during your time of prayer and let the Lord speak to your heart about what He would have you pray about. This is going to be an incredible blessing for our church, community, and far beyond.

In His Steps,

It’s Time to Pray!
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