“It’s a great day in the Ozarks!” If I heard that phrase once I heard it a zillion times during the two summers that I worked at Kanakuk while I was in college. During those two summers I fell in love with a man who was not that much older than me, but who was wise way beyond his years. Not only did he model a godly wisdom like few people that I had ever known, but his passion, (If you’ve ever been around Joe for 15 seconds then you know that he is the definition of “passion!”) –his passion was contagious!

All of these years later Joe is still Joe. Quoting Scripture, hugging necks, and oozing from every pore with passion. He has seen tough times, been through struggles and heartaches, but his passion for Jesus and his absolute confidence that “He is able” have only increased through the years. I’m so thrilled that Joe is going to be stopping by Britton Christian Church on the morning of Wednesday, January 20 to speak to all of those who will come.

6:30 am Joe Speaks to Men

Through the years Joe has spoken to hundreds of thousands of men, men of all ages, and his message is one of uncompromising commitment to Jesus and the fellowship of brothers in Christ. We want to encourage you to invite your buddies, bring your sons, and join us for an hour of inspiration and challenge.

10:00 am Joe Speaks to Moms

The title of Joe’s talk to moms is: “Dorothy Was Right! (There’s No Place Like Home)” There is no higher calling than raising children. There is no more distinguished title than that of “momma.” Yet, society for the most part doesn’t bestow the honor and gratitude upon moms that they deserve. Moms, invite all of your friends, every mother you know, and bring her so that she can be encouraged and blessed beyond belief. (Because we are expecting a large crowd we will not be able to provide childcare.)

It’s going to be a great morning.

In His Steps,

Joe White is Coming to BCC
January 20
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