Good Morning Everyone,

There are milestones that take place in our lives that should cause us to stop and consider. I’ve just experienced one of those milestones and it has given me the opportunity to stop and look back. Nineteen years ago last Sunday I preached my very first sermon at Britton Christian Church. I checked our website and there are now 480 sermons that have been collected. That number is probably a little more than half of the lessons that I’ve taught, but the internet wasn’t around back in the “old days.”

Nineteen years! That is a long time! There is so much that has happened in my life and in the life of our church during those nineteen years. The Lord has been so faithful. He has blessed me, and us, beyond our wildest imaginations. I’ve made so many new friends, seen so many folks give their life to Christ, stood at the caskets of too many of those I’ve grown to love, prayed so many prayers with friends who were going through a tough time, held so many new babies in my arms, and much more. Can you tell I’ve been reminiscing? Through it all God has been so faithful.

It’s good to look back, but it is also good to stand on our tip toes and look ahead. Some of my friends from across the country have asked me from time to time, “Mike, what are you still doing at that little church?” I don’t hesitate to answer: “I’m still having fun. Still being challenged. Still seeing God do His work. Why would I have any desire to leave a work where God is working?” I want you to know that I mean that with all of my heart. There is no place on the planet that I would rather be than at BCC!

As I look forward, (to the next 20 years? Wouldn’t that be awesome!) my heart is so full of expectations. If the Lord allows us to keep doing what we’ve been doing for the past 19 years then I fully expect that we will be found doing what we’ve been doing for the past 19 years–teaching His Word, caring for His people, and letting His light shine in our community. I can’t think of anything better to give my life to than that, can you?

In His Steps,

Just Thinking…