Good Morning Everyone,

We have been praying for months for the arrival of the precious gift God has been preparing for Jason and Emily Dowling and their family. Just last week little Sadie arrived and we are rejoicing at God’s gift! As we mentioned to you last Sunday, during our prayer time, Sadie was born with some challenges. She has a cyst on her lungs and she was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip. The doctors have already scheduled Sadie’s first surgery and we are very encouraged with the news that Emily has been passing along to us through her blog. You can check out the Dowling Family Blog and see more pictures of Sadie, as well as keep up with her progress by simply clicking on the hotlink. Thanks for your many prayers. If you head on over to the Dowling’s blog then you will read about how God has been answering prayers in a powerful way. Your prayers are invaluable!

Keepin’ Up With The Dowlings