The second Sunday of each month is Mission/Fun Sunday for our Middle School and High School youth. The kids spent their morning serving those at the Indian Mission and the Alterra Nursing Center. The afternoon was filled with fun. Our high school youth went to Laser Expedition in Yukon on Sunday afternoon and it was soooo much fun for everyone.

None of us had played laser tag on an outdoor course, but all of the kids (and adults) had a blast! They divided us into two different teams and after some guy named “Snake” walked us through the basics of laser tag combat we were sent to our home bases. I was fortunate enough to be teamed up with some real sharpshooters. The Bravo team must have had their share of sharpshooters as well because we split the two games with them.

I’m convinced that the kids got together before we started the game and decided that they were going to team up on me because my sensors acted like I was in the middle of a fire drill. Every time I moved it seemed like one of the kids was knocking me out of commission. That’s “OK” though because I’ve signed-up for the “Terminator Laser Tag Tactical Boot Camp” beginning next Sunday after church. So, next time we hit the field of battle I’ll be ready!

In His Steps,

Laser Tag Special Ops
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