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I have a habit of listening to preachers while I run in the morning. One of the preachers that I have come to love, even though I’ve never met him, is Matt Chandler, the Pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. Matt is a throwback to the old days when preachers taught the great doctrines of the faith in an unapologetic way. In a society full of churches that are becoming increasingly mesmerized by new technologies and following trendy ways to pull people through their doors, Matt’s church focuses on the proclamation of the Word of God. He is a Reformation preacher living in the 21st century.

Maybe one of the reasons I love Matt’s teaching is because of his emphasis on the Sovereignty of God. I’ve told the folks at BCC time and time again how the Sovereignty of God has been like a cradle of comfort to me during the most difficult times of my life.

Matt has encountered a “severe grace.” On Thanksgiving, Matt suffered a seizure that was shortly thereafter diagnosed as an aggressive brain tumor. In the weeks that have followed, Matt, his wife, and their three small children have nestled in the Sovereign arms of God’s mercy.

Today, after I got home from church, I sat down with my daughter, Annie, and we read Matt’s story. I told Annie, “If there is any gift that I could ever give to you that would benefit you for the rest of your life it would be a clear understanding of the Sovereignty of God.” We read about Matt and the “warm blanket” God’s Sovereignty is for he and his family as they go through this difficult journey. I told Annie, “Suffering is something that every person will do regardless of who they are, but not all people suffer the same way. Some shake their fists at God and scream out, ‘Why me?’ ‘This isn’t fair!’ or simply walk away from God. Others, like Matt and his family turn to God and fall on their faces in complete dependence upon His grace and mercy.”

I hope you will take the time to read Matt’s story. All you have to do is click on the link “Matt’s story” above and you will automatically be taken there. Even more than reading Matt’s story, I pray that you will prayerfully seek a deeper understanding of the Sovereignty of our glorious God for your own life.

In His Steps,

Matt Chandler: Suffering and the Sovereignty of God
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