Hello all my?brothers and sisters!- Shalom

I wanted to let everybody know that the days are going by quickly and? I am awed more and more each day. We have spent the last two days here in Jerusalem and have had the opportunity to walk in some places I could only imagine. Even in my sanctified imagination, I could have never imagined what I would behold here in the Holy Land.?I want to take you all with me to May 7, 2007. We left the hotel in Tiberias and journeyed south toward Jerusalem. On the way we stopped in the desert region just southeast of Jerusalem. In the picture you will see me standing atop a mountain overlooking a valley.

It is believed that this valley is the very valley David was in when he wrote the 23 Psalms. This is a very familiar passage to all of you I am sure. I have read it time and time again in my life, but to stand atop that mountain and look out over the valley was truly amazing.? As we stood atop this mountain we recited this Psalm. You can see the trees in the lower portion of the valley, that follow the stream. The journey through the valley was first of all hot, so David definitely needed some high quality H2O (He leadeth me beside the still waters). Not only that there are hills to each side, which would make you an easy target( even though I walk through the valley…)?”David says I will not fear for though art with me.”? The Lord was with David in the valley and He will be with you in your valleys of life as well. All you have to do is trust Him and know “Thou art with me.” David rested in the comfort of the Lord. Brothers and sisters you have to rest in the assurance that the Lord that the Lord will provide the protection. Wherever He is leading you, He will be with you all the way.

The second picture shows me stop the mountain pointing toward Jerusalem. Even on this desert mountain we were still headed up to Jerusalem. Or journeying on up to Zion if you will. The city that sits on a hill. I have to close for now and will send out more later. Look at the pictures and read through the Psalm and let the Lord minister to your heart. I am praying for each of you!

Because He Lives,

Note From Herman in Israel
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