Good Morning Everyone,

I woke up this morning full. Full of gratitude. Full of thanksgiving. Overflowing with an awareness of God’s goodness and mercy. Without that awareness of God’s grace, what would our days be like? I think we all know the answer to that question because if you are like me then you have made your way through many days without even a thought of how God’s provision is sufficient. Difficult days can do that to do us can’t they? Troubling times can take our eyes off of God and fix them on our troubles. I am learning, as the years rock along, that all of life is undergirded by God’s grace. The troubling times would completely unravel us if it weren’t for His grace. The tears would scar more deeply if it weren’t for His grace. The blessings of life would simply be categorized as “luck” if it weren’t for an awareness of His grace which causes us to stop and give thanks.

There is no time in life that we don’t have an opportunity to stop and give thanks. Give thanks when the sun is shining. Give thanks when the storms rage. Give thanks when you get to hold a new baby in your arms. Give thanks when you stand at the graveside of someone you love. Give thanks. Give thanks today because the goodness of our God is sufficient for every trial, every blessing, every moment of our life. Give thanks and consider the goodness of our God.

In His Steps,

Oh, The Goodness of our God!
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