Dear Friends,

We’ve made it home and it took ten buses to carry all of the memories that we made while on Monarch Mountain back to Oklahoma! First of all, I want to thank all of you who helped to make this trip possible for the 44 people who traveled to Colorado to ski during Spring Break. Our goal is help kids “make it to the top of the mountain” and there is no way possible that we could keep doing this year after year without your help. You are the best.

I was riding up on the lift with a young lady on Tuesday who was terrified on the bus ride through the mountains (We hadn’t even stepped off the bus!) She said, “I will never go up on that mountain.” On Tuesday, she was on top of the mountain in more ways than one. On Wednesday she said, “Just think on Monday I was afraid to even get on the lift and now I’m skiing down a ‘blue!'” I used her accomplishment to talk to her about going to college once she graduates from high school, even though nobody from her family has even done that. I said, “When people tell you that you can’t or you shouldn’t even try–you just remember what God has shown you on this mountain.”

We use “making it to the top of mountain” to teach the kids about overcoming their fears, overcoming the obstacles that they face in life, and as a tool to teach them about trusting the Lord in all areas of life. Every one of the kids made it to the top! Thanks again and enjoy the pictures.

In His Steps,

On Top of The Mountain!!
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