Good Morning,
Herman Stevenson told me a great story yesterday that has to be shared. We have a softball team at BCC that plays every Friday night. Our team doesn’t play in a “church league.” They play in a beer-drinking, hard-sliding, cussing, and fussing kind of league…the kind of league where opportunities to let His light shine show up on a weekly basis.

Last Friday night the opposing team were all wearing purple jerseys with the number 28 on every jersey. During the game one of our players asked one of the other players, “What’s up with the same number on every jersey?” The man said, “The number 28 is my mother-in-law’s birth date. She is battling pancreatic cancer so we chose the color purple to represent her fight against cancer.”

The players played on. The man whose mother-in-law is battling cancer was a rough and tumble kind of guy, dropping four letter words, and playing hard throughout the game. At the end of the game the players all lined up to shake hands. Herman Stevenson had prayed for the guy every time he came to the plate during the game, but at the end of the game Herman felt led to have our team pray for him. As the players were all shaking hands Herman said, “Can we get our teams together? I would like for all of us to pray for you.” Both teams huddled up, Herman prayed for the son-in-law and his mother-in-law who is battling cancer. When Herman said, “Amen,” he looked up and big tears were filling the eyes of the man. The man was comforted, God was glorified, and everyone present knew that something much more significant than a softball game had taken place.

God gives us unexpected opportunities each and every day, in some of the most unlikely places, if we will only have “ears to hear.” I pray that today you will ask the Lord to sensitize you to the opportunities He has planned for you. Now, go be a blessing to someone in need.

Opportunities at Unexpected Times