Hi Everyone,

Sunday morning was such a great day of worship! I absolutely love Sunday morning! I love lifting my voice and praising the goodness of our God. I love digging deep into God’s Word and sharing with all of you the lessons that He is teaching me. I love bowing our heads and pouring out hearts out for those in need.

These are exciting times as we get to watch the Lord continue to work in our church and community. One of the ways that we see Him working is how He is continually drawing folks to share in what is happening at BCC each week.

On Sunday we welcomed Jason, Emily, Bo, Ella, and Jack Dowling to BCC. Jason and Emily are here in OKC while Jason is doing his residency at Baptist Hospital. He and his wife, Emily, have three beautiful children.

We were also blessed to welcome Malaina Vivona to BCC. Malaina began attending BCC when she met her husband, Kevin. Malaina and Kevin are a blessing to so many of us at BCC. We are thrilled that the Lord has led these wonderful folks to the fellowship of BCC.

I hope you will take the time to welcome Jason and Emily and their family as well as Malaina. It is so awesome to see how the Lord leads people our way so that we might bless them and encourage them to be a blessing to those around them. Have a super week and I will see you on Sunday.

In His Steps,

Our Family is Growing!
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