Hi Everyone,

Well, every good thing must come to an end and this is the end. I still have one more day here in Israel, but I’ve got to catch my first flight tomorrow afternoon so I won’t have an opportunity to post any pictures or thoughts. I sure have enjoyed taking pictures and writing my thoughts for the day during these two weeks that I have been in Israel. I hope that you have benefitted in some small way. If you have then save your money and keep saving it until you get enough to come to Israel and see the sights for yourself. It has absolutely changed the way I read God’s Word and it has changed my life as well. It will do the same for you.

Today we had another long bus ride. We left Israel and went into Jordan. The two countries are somewhat friends, but getting across the border you would have never known it. Once across the border we had another 2 hour bus ride to the “Valley of Moses” in Jordan. We had lunch where I took the picture of the huge chandleair, light fixture. You won’t believe how big this thing is, but check it out in the pictures that Brian has downloaded for today. We walked from the hotel into the mountains to the site of Petra. Oh my goodness!? Can you believe what the Nabateans did!? They didn’t have the tools that we have today. I checked around every corner and didn’t fing one Home Depot!? The one enormous and beautiful building is but one of many buildings in the mountain range. The home of the Nabateans was impenetrable. Many nations tried to conquer them, but failed until the Herod Antipas, Herod the Great’s son, figured out that if he cut off their water supply then they couldn’t survive back in the mountains. The Nabateans surrendered to the Romans, but continued to live in the area under Roman rule. It was truly an amazing sight.

You will want to check out the picture of Haneen. I’ve sent pictures of Bedouins throughout my trip. They fascinate me. They wander through the desert living like their Arabian ancestors in tents. Haneen is a Bedouin child. She is 13 years old, but about the same size as my daughter Annie. I think I was missing Annie so bad today that I hung out with Haneen for quite awhile and just talked. She was such a cute kid and we talked about her family. She and her family live up in the mountains and she rides a donkey down into Petra to work. Her mom makes bracelets and polishes rocks for Haneen to sell to help provide for the family. This kid is sharp!? She could sell a ham sandwich to a hog!! She first gave me a rock (as a gift because she liked me! That should have raised the red flag right there.) and then she told me how bad “business” had been. Is this kid 43 or 13? She showed me lots of necklaces and bracelets. I asked her how much? She told me how much it would cost if I bought it in the store and then she gave me a price less than half of that amount!? Wow! What a deal!? In the words of that great American theologian, Tom Cruise, “You had me at ‘hello.'”? I’ll always remember Haneen and the way she cleaned out my pockets. ha!? What a kid!? What a country!? What a trip!? It’s been fun, inspiring, eye-opening, and I’m going home full. Thank you Lord for giving me this great opportunity.

You can see the pictures as I add them here on the website.

Petra: Home of the Nabateans