Hi Everyone,

A new year has come! So many folks look upon a new year with great hope that it will somehow be different from all of the previous years. That somehow they will escape the trials and tribulations of life. My prayer for the new year is a deepening of our faith in the Sovereignty of God, a more stable confidence in God’s perfect plan for all of our lives.

I am like everyone else. The trials of life rattle me, take my focus off of my Father, and blind me to the ever-present work of His Sovereign hands.

Most people want to start the new year strong. I’m not as concerned as starting strong as I am with finishing strong–totally surrendered to my King.

I was reading 1 Samuel 11-12 this morning. I noticed that Saul, the first King of Israel, started strong, but we don’t remember him for how he started, but how he finished, or failed to finish. Lord, let us run the race today with our eyes fixed upon you and give us the confidence in you that will enable us to cling to you whatever may come.

In His Steps,

Prayer for a New Year