Please Remember The Following In Your Prayers:

Church Members: Kim Luther; Cheryl Nave; Bob & Ina Witt; Leon Pyle; Sue Hayes; Beverly Redburn; Makayla Lambeth; Nick Duncan; Shelley Freeman; Ruth Ross; Jack Jackson; Dean Shafer; Jim & Shannon Kurtz & Family; Sandra Luke; Audrey Carter; Jesse Arevalos; Sterline Joyner; Bob Jaggers, Harry and Daphne Myers; Jo Manharth; Delmar Garrett; Ann Milliron; The Retherford Family; Lucille McKinney; and the BCC Church Staff and their families.

Family and Friends: Glenna Hays, mother of Mike Hays; Dave Lupold, friend of the McClure Family; Faye Harris, Lucille Greenlee’s sister; Steve Miller, friend of the Aday family; Randy Royce, friend of BCC; David Price, friend of Caitlin Ronck and Caitlin Bentley; Smith Family, friends of Rachelle O?Brien and Jenny Woods; Brenda Davison, friend of the Aday family; Phyllis Lewis, friend of Joyce Clark; Willie White; Burl Nowell III, Victoria Nowell?s father; Karen Risinger & Family, friends of Melissa Shafer; Bill Pirtle & Family, friends of Jane Moran; Ralph Redburn, David Redburn?s father; Brittany Stevens, granddaughter of friends of Mike and Ann Brown; Ann Gorbet, friend of Mindy Lee; Marion Gardner, Don Gardner?s father; Cane Valles, friend of the Jim Kurtz family; Jim Britton, friend of Craig Tigert; Janice Gipson, Sterling Simms? sister; Will Thomas, Dana Stevenson?s uncle; Steve Brenholtz, Sandra McLennan?s brother; Kandy Ready, daughter of Bob and Delores Kessler; Lorie Chandler, Jonathan Chandler?s sister; Venitra Damron, Elisha Damron?s mother; Jerry Butler, Ann Brown?s brother-in-law; Mike Lecinski, cousin of Cosella Cuddy; The Haney Family, friends of Hal Clifford; Troy Freeman, Sr., grandfather of Troy Freeman; Jennifer Bardell, friend of Debbie Bentley; Bob & Barbara Tucker, friends of Jan Birsner; Hoss & Betty Belk, Jo Fischer?s Parents; Betty Buck, daughter of Ruth Ross; Richard Swart, brother of Juanita Sullins; Jewel McGoyne, Marcia Mitchell?s mother; Courtney Butler, Ann Brown?s niece; Walter Duncan, Lynn Leedy and Nick Duncan?s father; and always remember to pray for our President, our troops & their families.

The Prayer List is kept current. Please be sure to notify the Church Office if you wish to have your name added or removed.

Prayer Requests – 10/6/06