Hi Everyone,

I’ve been studying Romans 3:1-2 this week and it has really made a deep impact on my heart. Paul says that the Jews are advantaged over all others because they have been entrusted with the “oracles of God.” My thoughts have moved from the advantage of the Jews to the advantage that you and I have as followers of Jesus. The Jews were given the Hebrew Scriptures, what we call the Old Testament, yet you and I have been given the entire Word of God–Old and New Testament! How much more is our advantage over those around us who are trying to make sense of this life?

In God’s design an advantage carries a responsibility. Why were the Jews given the Word of God? To learn it, follow it, and make it known to the nations so that they might come to worship the Living God. Why have you and I been given the Word of God? For the very same reason. Our advantage is a great blessing, but it carries with it a tremendous responsibility.

I was thinking of all of this on Wednesday when I was visited by a pastor here in town who shared some startling statistics with me about church attendance in America. Did you know that less than 1 out 6 Americans is in a Christian church on Sunday morning? This makes America the fourth largest mission field in the world behind China, Indonesia, and India. It is hard to believe. How can we who have been so blessed with the Word of God not tell everyone we meet about God’s glorious grace and mercy demonstrated through His Son Jesus?

If a deadly virus broke out in Oklahoma City that only you had the antidote for, wouldn’t you let everyone know about the cure? Wouldn’t you get it into as many hands as possible so that others might live? Or would you keep it to yourself. Would you listen to the news reports, sit back in your Lazy Boy, and thank God that you’re not fighting for your life? I don’t know anyone who would keep the cure to themselves, yet this is exactly what you and I do when we attend our Bible studies, gather for worship, having our quiet time, and never tell a soul what the Lord is sharing with us. There is a world dying all around us. A broken world full of men, women, boys, and girls who are struggling to make sense of life with no compass to navigate these treacherous times. They are waiting, anxiously waiting, for you and me to tell them the Good News about Jesus. Won’t you tell them and then invite them to join you in worship on Sunday?

In His Steps,

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