Study Buddies return plan

As of today, we are planning to return to our traditional model of after-school tutoring. All elementary students (1st-4th grade) will be served from 3-5pm and all middle school and high school students (5th-12th grade) will be served from 6-8pm. We will continue to offer transportation to our church for students at Britton Elementary.


  • Daily temperature checks for every student and staff member. Your student’s temperature will be checked before getting onto our vans. If your student has a fever they will not be able to participate in tutoring that day and a parent will need to pick them up from school.
  • Daily deep sanitation of campuses and buses, especially high-touch areas. During 5-6pm we will focus on sanitizing all rooms and equipment. During that time no one will be allowed into the facility until we have completed sanitizing.
  • Hand sanitizer on vans with masked drivers and monitors.
  • Procedures and protocols to increase physical and social distancing. One tutor and their student(s) will be placed in separate rooms where possible and socially-distanced in rooms with more than one tutor/student pair.
  • Masks required for all tutors.
  • Masks encouraged for all students. Students will not be required to wear masks/face coverings, but tutors will need to wear a face covering while working with students. If parents would like for their child(ren) to wear face coverings while in our care, please provide a face covering for your child(ren) and inform the Community and Education Pastor (Tré Clark) of your desire to have your child wear a mask during tutoring.
We realize that things are very confusing, frustrating, and stressful right now. We think that your family is precious and we want to do all within our power to make tutoring as enjoyable as possible under the current circumstances. And just know that we are really excited about serving your families again this year.
Study Buddies return plan
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