Sunday morning there was snow and sleet hitting the window when I woke up. Snow, or any kind of “bad” weather always means attendance at church will be slim.?As I got up and began to get ready for the day I was watching the “scroll” at the top of the tv?screen announcing all of the churches that would be closed today. I figured since so many churches would be closed that we would have a full house. ha!? That’s not the reason why we’ve never closed in the past fifteen years. The real reason that we don’t close is because there might be somebody who desperately needs to worship, to pour their hearts out before God, and have Him pour His grace out upon their broken hearts. How tragic it would if they came to BCC and found the door locked.

As it turned out there were more than a few who felt the need to venture out into the snow and sleet to have their hearts warmed with the familiar songs and to anchor themselves once again in the Word of God. What a blessed day it was!

Sunday Snow
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