Hi Everyone,

This coming Sunday is Easter! I can’t wait to get together with everyone and celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Savior. Before Sunday gets here I want to encourage you to invite anyone and everyone you know who doesn’t have a church home to come and celebrate with us at Britton Christian Church. We will begin our celebration at 8:30 am with worship. At 9:30 am we will have a scrumptious breakfast for everyone in the gym. At 10:40 am we will get back together to worship our Risen King!

There is something about Easter. You know that I didn’t grow up going to church, but at Easter and Christmas my mom would gather us up and we would make our way to church. I know there are many families like mine who are planning on attending church this Sunday. Who knows? If you or I invite them to come with us they very well might. I want to urge you to join me in prayer this week these folks. I’m praying that Easter Sunday will the day that the Lord touches their hearts in an unmistakable and life-changing way. I can’t wait for Sunday.

In His Steps,

Sunday’s Comin!
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