Sweet Hour of PrayerIn 1990 we began meeting on Sunday evenings for an hour of prayer. We were in a fix. Our church was dying and we didn’t know what to do…so we went to the Lord. There was no agenda. No announcements. No talking about the “who,” “why,” or “what” of prayer…we just prayed and asked the Lord to move upon our hearts. Whatever the Lord put on our hearts we prayed. We prayed for the sick, the lost, we prayed for our kids who were struggling, and our marriages that we crumbling. We prayed for the Lord to give us a vision of His plan for BCC, we prayed for the Lord to raise up leaders and for favor with our community. We prayed and we prayed every Sunday evening for years and years until the K-Group Ministry started. Well, the K-Groups are going strong and our leaders feel a strong urging from the Lord to restart the “Sweet Hour of Prayer” on Sunday evenings at 5 pm in the church parlor. We will have childcare available. We will begin at 5 pm and close our prayer time at 6 pm. Invite a friend and join us this Sunday, January 18.

Sweet Hour of Prayer
Sundays @ 5pm
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